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Beauty for Barrett Award


The very first Beauty for Barrett award was given to Alex Mooney who is the owner and operator of Captures for Clark, Alexandria Mooney Photography and Birth Stories by Alexandria Mooney Photography.This award was presented to Alex for making the world a more beautiful place. Alex has made such a difference  in the lives of so many grieving families. No matter the time of day she rushes to help families who are going through the darkest of times. Alex would not want recognition for what she does but she surely deserves it. Alex knows how important memories are and how quickly those memories have to be made sometimes. She is an inspiration and her work is profound. In honor of her own son Clark who was born sleeping she has dedicated her time to helping other families. Alex knows firsthand just how important pictures are and loves providing lasting memories by documenting their birth stories. But sometimes that birth story doesn't include taking that baby home. They are stories that stop shortly after they start. After having her own son's birth story captured Alex knows that those stories need to be captured too. We presented Alex Mooney with the Beauty for Barrett award for her passion and love for the loss community. 

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Beauty for Barrett Award

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