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Click here to become a 2024 Blessings for Barrett sponsor.

Click here to make a one time donation, or a monthly donation to Blessings for Barrett.

Blessings for Barrett Logo

Worker Bee Supporter: $300

Recognition on our website.

Logo placement on event materials

Social media shout-out

Name displayed on 2024 sponsorship t-shirt                  

Honeycomb Advocate: $500

All benefits of Worker Bee Supporter.

Three social media shout-outs     

 Busy Bee Promoter: $1,000

All benefits of Honeycomb Advocate.

Featured sponsor spotlight in our events.     

 Pollinator Patron: $5,000

All benefits of Busy Bee Supporter.

Customized thank-you video from the team.

Prime logo placement on all marketing materials.   

Queen Bee Benefactor: $10,000

All benefits of Pollinator Patron.

VIP access to special events

Colony  Champion: $15,000

All benefits of Queen Bee Benefactor.

Naming rights for a specific project or initiative.

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